A Disc-ussion: Girls’ Ultimate?

Lily Larsen, Staff Writer

At Essex High School, the spring sports season has become increasingly talked about. Will the addition of a girls’ ultimate team be something that’s possible, or even something that’s wanted? Currently they are in need of players to be able to have a team in the first place, but with 10+ students who want to play, the girls season could accompany the boys come spring.

Chas Legge, the previous head coach at EHS, feels passionate about the subject. “I have been trying to start a women’s team since starting the program in 2015.” He went on to say, “It is very important to have a women’s team at EHS. Biggest thing is numbers. We have been lacking in numbers lately and haven’t been able to create a women’s team. Ultimate is an inviting sport. The ultimate culture at EHS has always been inviting, positive, competitive and fun at the same time.”

In terms of a coach, things are being figured out, but if no one can be found, Theodore Fetter said he would be happy to take up the position in the spring. Fetter is currently the assistant varsity and JV coach. He also gives some affable advice, “I would highly encourage anyone thinking about girls ultimate to watch some games on YouTube… girl and women ultimate players are incredibly talented, and it’s a very welcoming sport for all new players, as well as athletes coming over from other sports.”

Burlington High School has enough players to host both varsity and JV teams. There are eight women’s teams all together over the state. With Essex being the second biggest high school in Vermont, it only seems fitting that there should be a team present here as well.

Jonathan Tupaj, a member of the ultimate team at Essex High School, shares his remarks on the subject, “Ultimate’s a relatively young sport, but it’s growing fast. We’ve had good growth as a program recently, but we’ve been all guys in a supposedly co-ed sport. We’d like to see some more girls sign up and play.”

It is listed in the EHS athletic digest that anyone is welcome to play ultimate for the school, but yet only male students have made up the roster.

Tupaj continues, “I think it’s just been tough convincing girls to join a team of 40 boys and 0 girls. A separate team could really help attract interest, and it would be an even bigger leap for the program and the sport as a whole.”

The only advertisement for the potential program is an Instagram account under the tag of ehs.girls.ultimate, which anyone interested can message with questions.