EHS’ First Ever Plant Swap

Leslie Bostwick, Staff Writer

The Plant Club is offering an opportunity to get free plants and meet other plant parents through Essex High School’s First Plant Swap!

When: During Lunch & Advisory on May 27th

Where: The Courtyard

How to Participate: Bring an item and trade it for something of equal value. They accept:

  • Succulent leaves
  • Cuttings – (Learn how to take cuttings after the article)
  • Any type of plant
  • Seeds
  • Flowers
  • Pots
  • Soil/top dressing
  • Garden tools – (Shovels, gloves, watering cans, etc.)
  • Clean recycled containers/bottles with a flat bottom that can be used for growing plants (Yogurt cups, sandwich containers, noodle bowls, cans, etc)

Where to Bring Items:

  • For recycled containers/bottles: Bring these to room C114.
  • For other items: Bring them to the swap or room C114.

They will be collecting items and containers in room C114 starting May 21 up to the end of school on May 26th.

If you have any questions? Email: [email protected]



FOR VINES/LEAFY PLANTS: Cut under the leaf so that the stem is still attached! Then, you can stick one end into the water. Roots will grow off the side of the stem near where the leaf is. 

FOR SUCCULENTS: Note: succulent can wait several days before being replanted! Some, like echeverias and graptopetalums, can wait weeks before being replanted. To take a cutting: Just cut the top off. 

  • You can take the top, stem, or leaves to the plant swap. We accept all parts of succulents!

SUCCULENT LEAVES: (make a clean break)

  • Make sure the leaf makes a clean break! You do not need to replant these before bringing them to the plant swap. Leaves don’t need to be replanted for a couple weeks.

Have questions on how to cut your plant for cuttings? Email anytime: [email protected]