Meet Señora Luck!


Ella Weidman, Staff Writer

Señora Luck is a Spanish Teacher at EHS. She is a mom, a wife, and an amazing support system who I’ve been lucky enough to have as a teacher and advisor. When asking students for a word to describe her, I was overwhelmed by the words kind and supportive. This led me to ask my first question: “What are your favorite things to do aside from teaching?” First and foremost she shared her love of spending time with family and friends. 

“In the warmer months, we like to go bike riding, and to the pool, the beach. In winter months, I like to snowshoe, sledding, walking and being outdoors.” Not only does she love being outdoors, but she likes zumba and jazzercise that also get her moving.

Next I asked her, “What is your favorite thing about teaching?” She smiled wide and replied, “Getting to work with young people every day. Getting to know them and their interests and what gets them excited. And having those special connections.” From first person experience, she does truly care about her students. Señora even taught one student in my class how to parallel park for her driving road exam.

What is the best life lesson you’ve learned from teaching?”

“Love kids first.” She explains how enjoyment of learning is key, content is secondary, means of connections are important to the content.

“If you could offer a piece of advice to high school students, what would it be?

“We always seek advice in moments of challenge and I think it’s important to recognize what is within your control.” Further explaining, she mentions how vital it is to realize your actions and reactions because you can’t change someone else, but you change how you interact. Taking an obstacle and making it an opportunity, shapes and benefits you.

“Did you always want to be a teacher?”

“I did, yes”, she says, “I went to college knowing that.” Originally, she thought she’d be teaching younger students, elementary, but after working with them in college, she realized she wanted to change course and teach older students. Señora studied abroad and realized she always liked speaking Spanish, and that’s how she figured out what course to focus on..

“How does being a mom make you a better teacher? Or vice versa?” I asked next, knowing the stories she’s shared with me over the years.

“I think being a mom has made me more patient and more flexible. Empathetic as well.” When looking at her own children and describing their “pure, raw joy,” holding them for the first time and all the first moments, she illustrated her unconditional love for them. In challenging situations, she thinks about how students are someone else’s joyous child. It has affected how she has communicated with families, knowing how parents would want to receive feedback. Her perspective has changed in some ways and she wants to share who the student is as a person, that that is more important in her opinion than a grade.

Lastly, I asked Señora Luck, “Do you have a favorite Spanish word?”

“I do. I have a couple of favorite words.” After much deliberation she decided on burbujas, meaning bubbles, and luciérnaga, for firefly.

Thank you to Señora Luck for always brightening students’ days!