EHS Student Government Election Results Update


Katie Adams, Staff Writer

The results are in! After school on Tuesday, the student government met to count ballots. Over 400 of the approximate 1,280 EHS students voted, which is around 31% of the student body. 

The results are as follows: Darrian Michaelides and Nathan Lesny with 29.55% of the vote, and Maddie Ahmadi and Lona Davis with 21.20% of the vote. 

Due to stipulations in the Essex High School student body constitution, a candidate must receive more than 40% of the vote to be declared the winner of the election. Due to neither of the leading candidates receiving over 40%, the vote will go to Student Government, and the outcome will be determined through a vote by the Senate between the top two candidates from the popular vote.

The Student Government Senate will meet on Thursday, April 14th. After speeches by leading candidates, the Senate will vote on who will be elected as EHS 2022-2023 Student Body President.

For coverage and information on the progress of the elections, check out The Hive for updates!