EHS Boys’ Hockey Beats Rice in State Championship


Katie Adams, Staff Writer

A sea of blue and gold, hands in the air, screaming as the seconds counted down on the clock. This is it. The State Championship is within reach. 3…2…1… The entire team threw their helmets and sticks into the air and embraced each other, celebrating the win. Players flew off the ice flinging  themselves at the student section in celebration. The crowd roared. 

Essex started off strong, with their first goal scored by senior, Justin Prim (#17), 6:33 into the first period on a power play. A definite advantage for Essex with a Rice player in the penalty box. 

However, despite the early advantage by Essex, Rice did not let up. They tied the game late into the second period with a goal from junior, Matthew Senesac (#18). 

Essex started the third period with a power play, and held off Rice’s offensive attacks throughout. They regained their advantage with a goal from forward Trenton Sisters (#14) 8:30 into the third period. 

Essex sealed the deal with a final score of 2-1 by the end of the third period. 

This win gives Essex its 17th State Championship in the boys’ hockey program history. They finished their season with a record of 15-4-2.

Congratulations to the boys’ hockey team for their big win.