Looking for delish and cheap sushi in town? Just ask Ollie.


Oliver Orvis, Guest Writer

We all know how incredibly expensive sushi can be. Fortunately, Hannaford’s sushi is the perfect solution for nearby residents and travelers looking to enjoy quality sushi. Not only is it accessible, fresh, and cheap, but there is also a large variety for you to choose from. Due to the many benefits of getting sushi at Hannaford, it’s earned the label of the sushi with the most bang for your buck in Vermont.   

First, Hannaford has some of the best customer service in Essex and is one of the only grocery stores in Chittenden County to stay open until 11pm. This is huge. When I’m sitting in my recliner at 10:35pm, and I want some quality sushi, I know exactly where I’m going. I can vividly remember a time when my buddies and I showed up to Hannaford at 10:50pm and instead of shooing us out, they opened up the doors just so we could go in and buy some sushi. The customer service has always been great; the chefs working the sushi bar always talk to me for a few minutes, and sometimes throw in a couple extra rice balls on the side. Once during one of my weekly visits to Hannaford, the guys working at the sushi bar gifted me with their own specially made sushi.   Because of their accessibility and friendliness, the  Essex Hannaford takes the top spot to grab some sushi at any time of day in Chittenden County. 

Another reassuring fact about Hannaford’s sushi is that you can walk in there and watch the chefs make rolls from scratch. Unlike other big chains who leave pre-made sushi out from the day before, Hannaford’s sushi is made fresh daily. The rice tastes fresh, and the numerous ingredients in the sushi taste like they just came out of the ocean. Even my grandmother, who lived in the Philippines and was married to a Filipino, says this maki* is better than most that she’s had in restaurants and comes close to the maki she made back home. My grandmother is also a very strict woman; she worked as a cook in the Navy for a long time. Her strict background in cooking and her time in the Navy, makes her a killer food critic. Even my small cooking endeavors as a child, like mac and cheese or pancakes, received some harsh criticism. For my grandmother to praise Hannaford’s sushi like she does says a lot about the quality. Honestly, it still amazes me that Hannaford can replicate the sushi my grandmother makes.  

And the final reason Hannaford’s sushi cannot be beaten is the price. As a broke high school student-athlete, I can sleep peacefully knowing I can get nine pieces of sushi for just over $5, instead of paying the average $15 for a roll at a restaurant. Even with this low price, Hannaford nails their sushi. The ratio of rice to filling is perfect; there is not too much rice but just enough to leave you satisfied for the next few hours. Also, every sushi pack is equipped with a small amount of wasabi – the ideal amount to put a small dollop on each piece. Each pack also contains a large serving of ginger which is my favorite part; in one pack there’s enough to put a medium-size piece of ginger on each and everyone of the nine pieces. However, if you’re not as broke as me and are feeling adventurous, they also have eel, tempura, nigiri, and salmon combo packs which are equipped with a spicy sauce and crunchy bits to achieve peak deliciousness.  

I hope this review encourages you to get the sushi with the most bang for your buck at Hannaford. However, this review does not only apply to sushi, but applies to all foods and items everywhere. I hope this review inspires you to  live large on a budget. If you take the time to look, there is always an alternative to overpriced items. There are so many underrated foods, clothes, and shoes that are relatively cheap and give you the same drip as something that costs a lot more. For example, I also do most of my clothes shopping at Plato’s Closet and Goodwill.  Thank you for reading, and I hope you find those cheap alternatives to the more pricey items you want or need. 

* Maki is the real term for what we call sushi.