Participating in the Change for our Future


Lily Larsen

This past Friday, numerous students from Essex High School visited the Vermont Statehouse to support bills that are up for action, talk with legislators, and be a part of a process that brings change to our community. 

Fridays for Future, an organization founded by Greta Thunberg in 2018, provides an opportunity for students to make the choice to continue the fight against climate change by  leaving school on Fridays  in an effort to go on strike for the climate. The fight against global warming isn’t the only thing that needs to be supported, but Fridays for Future supports one of the many issues we need to deal with. This time it was Essex who visited the statehouse in support of many bills, and these next Fridays will be filled with other schools taking turns to be a part of the process at the state level as well.

During our time at the statehouse we witnessed proposition 2 pass which amended our statewide constitution to prohibit slavery. Along with this essential change, we talked to Senator Kesha Ram-Hinsdale about her involvement and inspiring introduction of the Environmental Justice Bill. Bringing our state to net zero for carbon emissions should be a top priority, and this bill would help bring equal resources to everyone in hopes of making that happen. Becca Balint, the pro tempore, and Tanya Vyhosky, a representative, both see the importance of reproductive rights and talked to us about it. The passing of proposition 5, which would further support reproductive freedom, was up for public discussion this past Wednesday at six. Each bill deals with something different, yet every individual bill seems so crucial to guarantee safety, choice, and inclusion in our state.

The change we make is dependent on the action we take. With student support we can influence the present and future. By being a part of the discussions and educating yourself, you can positively impact the track society is on. This track currently lacks numerous things: movement on climate action, equity and inclusion in our everyday lives, rights legally granted which should be inherent, and so much more. Taking time out of your school day, weekend, or any free time to consider these issues can help so much more than you think. Signing petitions, attending discussions, and advocating is what our world needs to ensure that we can maintain a sustainable home.