EHS Suspends All School Activities Through Wednesday


Maddie Ahmadi, Journalist

Sunday evening, many were shocked by the news that they would not be lacing up their skates, putting on jerseys, or meeting for clubs through at least Wednesday, January 5th. Most athletes were notified on Sunday, while the rest of the student body received an email at noon on Monday. The brief email read: 

To: All Students and Families, 

Due to the increase in COVID cases, EHS has paused all afterschool sports and clubs starting today, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

This somber news has many students wondering about the fate of their seasons and extracurricular activities. 

The Hive reached out to Essex boys hockey player Drew Forcier via email, who is currently at home quarantining after being diagnosed with Covid-19. When asked how the decision will impact the team, he wrote that, “the decision to cancel will definitely impact the team because we won’t have played a game in over a month. The sooner we can get back out on the ice the better.” 

For many, the cancellation brings up feelings of deja vu. In 2020, winter sports were put on hold due to the rapid spread of Covid-19. Forcier explained that, “the team is just looking forward to playing again. Most of the team has already been through [covid cancellations] in previous years so we know that we can’t take anything for granted.” 

EHS girls basketball coach Shawn Montague outlined the challenges of abruptly stopping practice and games. In a statement to The Hive, he detailed that, “Any lengthy stoppage in practice and games is challenging, especially when other schools and teams continue to practice and play games.” Montague echoed Forcier’s notion that rustiness could become a challenge.  “I was completely surprised by the news. There was no indication that this was coming, especially since we had been practicing and playing games over the break.  This is usually the time of the year when we get into a consistent routine and rhythm in terms of our schedule, so this pause is difficult.”

While playoffs are around the corner for many teams, many are just getting started, but for all this is challenging and disappointing news. “I just really feel bad for our team. They work so hard, they enjoy being around each other, and they love playing basketball. My hope is that it will strengthen us as a group and that they will continue their commitment to getting better. That’s what this group is all about,” Montague shared.

EHS principal Tamara Parks did not immediately respond to our request for comment. 

It is expected that all activities will resume after Wednesday, but this suspension has left many students wondering about midterms, winter ball, and what the rest of the school year will look like.