Interview with Mr. Maylor: Expectations and Connections


Gianni Maffessanti, Staff Writer

Reporter Gianni Maffessanti caught up with the newest assistant principal, Marlon Maylor.

The Hive: Where did you move from?

Mr. Maylor: I am originally from Florida but moved here from California. 

The Hive: What is something that stands out to you the most about Vermont?

Mr. Maylor: The thing that stands out the most to me is how nice and friendly people have been. They have been very open and welcoming. 

The Hive: What is something people don’t know about you?

Mr. Maylor: I am afraid of flying.

The Hive: What were your expectations moving to VT?

Mr. Maylor: When moving here I tried to eliminate expectations and just appreciate VT for what it is. I wanted to keep an open mind when coming here. I am used to traveling and I know that having expectations can ruin an experience by getting caught up in them.

The Hive: What made you want to get into education?

Mr. Maylor: One of the main reasons I got into education was to provide opportunities, life experiences, and different lessons that I have learned. I wanted to give back to young people in a very real way.

The Hive: What is your educational philosophy?

Mr. Maylor: I believe in making the school structure work for students. I think that people can only learn from you once you have built a meaningful relationship with them. I want to help students achieve whatever it is they want to achieve. That looks different for different people.

The Hive: How is EHS different from other kids/schools?

Mr. Maylor: I believe that all students want to get something out of “the experience” and sometimes they don’t know what they are getting. Schools allow people to live their purpose and dreams. They provide opportunities for kids.

The Hive: What is your role at EHS?

Mr. Maylor: I build relationships with students and adults. I support people in the ways that they need. I provide educational leadership. The way I go about that is building as many relationships as possible. Sometimes I need to help teachers and students get on the same page. Sometimes I just have to meet with the student to understand why they are exhibiting certain behaviors. It is about helping them find out why they are at school and see their purpose; why should they follow their schedule.

The Hive: How is your job here at EHS different than you thought it might be?

Mr. Maylor: That is why I don’t get caught up in expectations. You can’t get caught up in your expectations of something or else you run into disappointment. This relates to people and building relationships too. You can’t expect people to be or act a certain way.

The Hive: What is the hardest part of your job?

Mr. Maylor: The challenge of my  job is to have 100 things that all demand your attention, and you only have so much to give. This also makes it exciting because it helps you stay moving and involved. 

The Hive: How do you measure success for yourself?

Mr. Maylor: I measure it through the impact I have on others. It’s about having a positive impact on students and helping them feel supported and creating an institution where they feel supported.

The Hive: What do you mean by connections?

Mr. Maylor: Connections help  people see their purpose, whether they are teachers, or students. I want to connect with people. It is more rewarding if I can get to a goal by using connections and helping people to find their purpose than just looking at the numbers.

The Hive: If you could change anything about EHS what would it be?

Mr. Maylor: I want a more aesthetically pleasing school. When you think of a New England high school you think of a beautiful building. I want a nicer courtyard, and just a more beautiful school overall.

The Hive: What is your favorite part of being an assistant principal?

Mr. Maylor: I like to meet people, connect with them,  and provide support. I like to talk with them to know what they need.

The Hive: What would a conversation be about?

Mr. Maylor: It could be about anything that will push them closer to their purpose, and whether they know what they want or don’t want in life.

The Hive: What is something you want to accomplish here at EHS?

Mr. Maylor: I want to continue what I have started by building relationships with people. I want  to connect to more people, students and faculty. I want to help students and faculty do their jobs better.

The Hive: How has Covid affected your job and teaching?:

Mr. Maylor: It has separated students and teachers. We need to rebuild the community that was lost. Maybe we should change the way school works(length of the day, classes, etc.). This decision should be left for the community to decide what it needs.