Senior Nostalgia

Ella Weidman, Editor

Over 300 years ago, the word nostalgia was coined as a term for a feeling of homesickness. In time, nostalgia has expanded its meaning to more of an act of reflection and sometimes longing for a past time in a person’s life. Evidence of nostalgia is shown in literature dating back thousands of years in both contexts. Yesterday, EHS students received textbooks, a key piece of historical memorabilia and a strong source of nostalgia. As the class of 2023 is making their final moments and memories of highschool and feeling a heap of nostalgia. I am, for what it’s worth.

When I first started attending EHS, I was in the fall musical. I often make my way into the auditorium and remember the faces of the upperclassman who taught me so much of what I know. That auditorium is like a second home because of the people I’ve met in it. Anytime lights go down in a theater, I feel the butterflies of every show I’ve been in return to my stomach. I feel like I’m right back up on the proscenium of that fall musical, with faces I haven’t seen in years. I miss that original group of people, but I am so proud of where the theater department is today.

The other day, I found my old backpack in my basement, covered in dust and memories. It was bright green with pink flowers and was as big as I was when I started kindergarten. I loved that backpack. It doesn’t even zip anymore.

Ms. Phillippo’s classroom is nostalgic, too. I’m sitting here, finishing this article in a room where I would come during our Covid year advisory to finally see my friends. We would laugh and eat our lunches, and she would let me stay even before I knew her. Now, she has me writing articles for the Hive.

It’s funny to think that soon enough I will have nostalgia for this moment. My graduation is rapidly getting closer and will be a cornerstone in my life and the lives of my peers. Looking back can help us move forward sometimes, and approaching our nostalgia with thankfulness is important. Unlike how nostalgia can be, I wanted to keep this article short and sweet. With that said, even with highs and lows, I will feel homesick for this place.