Cool Experiments for a Cold Day *VIDEOS INCLUDED*

Greg Maiberger, Staff Writer

This past month we have had some pretty cold temperatures reaching levels of around -25℉ with a-50℉ windchill in Essex Junction, Vermont. This led to a closure of all schools in the Essex Westford School District and many other school districts of Vermont. Now on a cold day with potential frostbite conditions, it may be hard to find something fun to do. However, here are a few fun experiments that you can try on these bitterly cold days. 

The first cool experiment that you can try on these cold days includes throwing boiling water into the air. You will need three ingredients for this experiment. These ingredients include a pan, boiling hot water in the pan, and a nice cold day. Temperatures should be in the range of negative to single digit degrees for this experiment.

When and if you decide to do this experiment, make sure that you do a test run first where you throw the water next to you instead of right over your head. This will just give you satisfaction that you won’t pour boiling hot water all over yourself. 

The second cool experiment you can try involves blowing bubbles and watching them freeze over. Some of the ingredients suggested for this experiment include a mixture to make bubbles, some kind of bubble wand, and a cold day. For this experiment, temperatures should also be in the range of negative to single digit degrees. 

Some of you may be thinking, “I don’t want to have to buy bubbles and a wand for this experiment.” Well don’t fret because this experiment can also be created from scratch. Just look  check online, and you should find plenty of recipes for great bubbles. Some of the essentials you will need for most recipes include dish soap, water, and sugar. It really varies depending on the recipe you choose. For the bubble blower, just use any kind of straw you have around your house and your bubbles should turn out great. 

If you try these, don’t forget to grab your phone before you go outside so that you can record an awesome video of your cool experiment. Finally, always remember to have fun because that is the entire point of doing the experiment!