Polished Halls: The New Poster Procedure

Kayla Guerino and Izabela Dozic

You may have noticed that Essex High School’s hallways are less paper cluttered.

The administration has put a new poster procedure into play. This updated procedure now requires a stamp of approval on anything that wants to be displayed in the designated areas around the school. 

“It was simply one of our projects over the summer. We got a bunch of bulletin boards put up around the school and in front of the water fountains because that’s generally where our posters would end up,” Kristin Roy, the Communication Coordinator and Executive Assistant from the main office, explained. 

This new procedure has not only affected students and administration inside of the school community, but teachers as well.

Social Studies teacher, Liz Ritchie, agrees and says “I really appreciate that it’s an effort to streamline information, and I know as a teacher who’s been here for 12 plus years that it can get hard to navigate what’s going on in the building if there’s stuff all over the place.”

After upgrading the locations that can be utilized by students and staff, the question has come up as to why this “stamp of approval” is necessary. 

Pam Hemingway, EHS Career Coordinator, further discussed the procedure, “I think the poster policy will help clean up our hallways a little bit so that we don’t have flyers all over the place. This ensures that the flyers that are up are school related events and appropriate.”

Agreeing with Hemingway, Roy claims that there is no “Poster Police,” and that this practice is simply an effort to organize advertisements within the school. 

To test this “Poster Police” claim, The Hive put up a test poster stating that “Monday is Smile Day.” It is placed in an undesignated area without a stamp.

Remaining untouched, The Hive’s test poster still stands without a stamp one month later.