Meet The Hive’s New Graphic Designer


Ethan Walters

Raygan Gilmond, Staff Writer

Ethan Walters, a senior here at Essex High School, has taken on the task of being The Hive’s own graphic designer. 

The Hive: How long have you been doing graphic design? How did you get started?

Ethan: I’ve been doing graphic design for only like two years now, I got into it because I love to draw and saw it as a good opportunity to expand my skills a bit and try something new.

The Hive: Is graphic design a passion of yours? What draws you into it?

Ethan: Graphic design is definitely something I enjoy doing, design work and trying to come up with a creative and appealing image is very challenging but also rewarding when the pieces finally come together.

The Hive: How have you contributed your graphic design skills to The Hive?

Ethan: It’s helped me be better at communicating with others to find a design that works for the article and that everyone thinks is fitting. 

The Hive: Do you plan to pursue a career in graphic design?

Ethan: I don’t know if I will pursue a career in graphic design or not yet. I tend to enjoy illustration a lot more but the two kind of go hand in hand.

The Hive: Where can people find more of your work?

Ethan: I have not really put much of my art out for people to see but maybe soon I’ll start an art Instagram and post some of the paintings and drawings that I make.